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The Corwin-Russell School @ Broccoli Hall is an independent school for high-potential students 11-19 years old with varied learning styles, average to superior intelligence, exceptional creativity, attentional issues, untapped interests, talents and strengths, and a disparity between innate ability and past production.

Rooted in the Latin "educare," we define ourselves as leading students to discover and develop the best in themselves: academically, creatively, socially, and personally. We base our educational philosophy on trust, responsibility, process, negotiation, expression, and a belief in each other and in the community.

For our students, traditional approaches to education have yielded self-doubt, misperception of true worth, poor choices, and an enormous fear of failure--real or perceived.

The Corwin-Russell School honours differences, and thereby enables students to thrive and to achieve.

The faculty are knowledgable, dedicated, eclectic, diverse, creative, and exceptional individuals. These talents support a multi-faceted approach to learning, as a language-laden and skills-based experience merges with creativity and personality to form strong academic instruction, with a liberal dose of laughter.

Our students benefit from partnerships with area museums, colleges, and performance centers, a career exploration week, and the annual Drama Intersession theater production.


“The Corwin Russell School looks like a bomb shelter. It is a brick and cinder-block building out in the middle of nowhere, next to a cellphone tower... The woman who runs it, Jane Jakuc, has an uncanny talent not only for finding the hidden gifts in all her students but also for selecting faculty who can do the same... The "@ Broccoli Hall" is a whimsical addition to the name of the school that Jane and her staff dreamed up during a sleepy part of a summer day. Many people now call the school Broccoli Hall, which amuses me when I think of the more formally named schools ending with the word ‘Hall’. Jane doesn't exactly thumb her nose at those schools. But there is a playful, iconoclastic message in "Broccoli," one... the students there need and benefit from.”

From Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., & John J. Ratey, M.D.'s Delivered From Distraction (2005).

Used with permission.

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